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Practical Wastewater Solutions

Environmental & Planning Services

Percolation Testing
Hydrocare Environmental provide percolation testing and site suitability assessments per EPA Code of Practice, 2009. A site suitability assessment is required for all new planning applications for dwellings and commercial units not connected to a public sewerage system.

Surface Water Soakaway Testing
We provide soakaway testing and full design per Ciria 156, BRE digest 365 or Ciria 697 methods, depending on the application required. We provide deep trench testing, ring infiltration testing and double ring infiltration tests.

Hydrocare Environmental offer full site contour surveys. We provide levels surveys, sightlines or any other planning related requirement. We also offer great rates for works that compliment each other. So if you need percolation testing or soakaway testing we can also carry out a very cost effective contour survey.

Flood Risk Assessments
If you are concerned whether your site is at risk off either flooding itself or causing flooding elsewhere we can help you. We offer extensive flood risk assessments carried out by our in house engineers.

SAND Polishing Filters
Hydrocare Environmental offer sand filter designs for secondary and tertiary wastewater systems. We also stock sand as per EPA specification. Call us for more information and check out our sister website

SUDS Testing
Surface water treatment as nature intended! We carry out full SUDS analysis and design for greenfield and brownfield sites.